Our concept

Discover this short interview with our chef, named Young Chef of the Year by the prestigious Gault&Millau guide!

In our magnificent Brabant countryside, nestled in a bucolic setting that invites you to take a timeless break, is L'Horizon. Much more than a simple gourmet restaurant, it is a true place of escape where the flavors of Asia and the West meet in a culinary ballet orchestrated by chef Alexandre Ciriello and his team.

Our cuisine, fine, creative and resolutely modern, draws its inspiration from the chef's origins but also his passion for Asian products and techniques. Through a carefully crafted menu, we invite you on a unique taste journey, where each dish reflects the chef's culinary influences as well as his travels and discoveries in Asia.

We invite you to a refined and unique culinary experience, enhanced by a selection of liquid pairings as varied as they are elaborate. From wine and beer to discoveries such as sake and umeshu, to our exclusive non-alcoholic drinks, all made in our establishment, you will find a perfect harmony to accompany each dish.

Our team, united by a common passion, will take pleasure in guiding you throughout your meal, sharing with you the inspirations that gave birth to each culinary creation.

In our establishment, we consider cooking as an art in its own right. We invite you with boundless enthusiasm to discover this unique culinary adventure, to join us on a gastronomic journey where every moment is fully savored.